by Miko Underwood

RE*BIRTH: The End of an Illusion series is a personal journey of transformation through love, heartbreak, birth, death, spirituality & rebirth.  The paintings & accompanying written reflection represents personal conflict and growth while examining purpose and awakening to self-awareness.  Although the voice is very feminine, the underlying message is universal. 

Shown at the Rio III Gallery in Harlem, NY, from December 2017 through January 2018, the 8-week show featured thirteen original pieces prefaced by a 3-week online diary for invitees to follow leading up to the exhibition opening.  Sponsored by the BHC's Art Galleries & founder/curator Ana-Ofelia Rodriguez, designer & artist Miko Underwood was introduced into the art scene.

The first solo exhibition by Underwood showcased her raw artistic talent, experimental play with a myriad of mediums combined with heartfelt storytelling.  She draws from her twenty year career in the fashion industry, introducing texture and materials into her paintings manipulating the dimension of the canvas.  Each painting uniquely tells a story inscribed onto its corresponding canvas, while the individual work is compelling, the collective story is profound. 

Because of the positive reception of the series, Underwood is surveying new spaces to exhibit and share the message of the series. In the meantime, she is working on compiling the collection of works into a coffee table book.