Korean Temple Cuisine Brunch & The Gate : An Experiential SoundBath Sunday April 28, 2019

Korean Temple Cuisine Brunch & The Gate : An Experiential SoundBath Sunday April 28, 2019


Join us for a relaxed yet active Sunday Brunch & Meditation retreat. Drink in the views and sunshine from the peaceful, healing space of my home in Red Hook to practice expanding our awareness. Through the outwardly dynamic rituals of communing through eating as well as the more inwardly focused practices of stillness, listening and meditation - we will take a day together to slow down and be present with ourselves and with each other. Take a bite of delicious food, and see what words come to your lips. Feel the harmonic resonance of the singing bowl, and see what ancient memories come to mind. With close attention paid to how we think, speak, and act - we become more aware of the energies we both give & receive. Let us playfully observe this flow of energy as we connect from a place of Conscious Love.

In this collaboration with healers, artists, we find inspiration through shared purpose. We recommend that you join us for the full day of experiences. 


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About the Brunch 1-3pm:

Temple cuisine comes from a thousand years vegetable based cooking practices developed in the rich, mountain regions of Korea. The cuisine is very relevant today because its foundation is in conscious, sustainable living and supports many diet restrictions. We create kinship with family style meals - an intimate act of sharing that engenders conversation and connection. Luxuriate in nourishing food and company or spend the time with yourself, enjoying being surrounded by positive, supportive energy.

Vegan & Gluten-free Menu includes: Homemade seasonal kimchi, A dazzling array of vegetable ban-chan (sides), Flavorful condiments, Seasoned Seaweed, Digestive and medicinal teas, Cacao, and Fruit

For specifics about the menu: https://www.eatwith.com/events/24793?date=2019-04-28

About the Soundbath 4-6pm:

The Gate: An Experiential Sound bath

Co-lead by intuit Miko Underwood and musician/yogi Ian Sims, The Gate is a meditative space to foster physical restoration, mental balance, and spiritual development.