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“I serve as a bridge to guide the individual into awareness, facilitate activation and provide tools for integration of the Divine Energy to our Human form.”- Miko Underwood

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MIKO UNDERWOOD • Shamanic Conduit, Energy Healer & Intuit

is the descendant of a long line of matriarchal healers that have been a guiding force in her training & integration of her innate gifts. The Great Granddaughter of Native American medicine women, granddaughter of a holistic healer & clairvoyant, daughter of a medicine man & a clairvoyant, clairsentient & clairaudient mother, Miko was called into this work early on. At the age of 4 she began to have metaphysical experiences and was often the bearer of divine messages to her mother. At 7 years old, a group of missionaries visited her elementary school to “give a blessing to her and her classmates.”  When the missionaries blessed Miko, she lost consciousness and saw a vision of a woman guiding her to light.

Excelling in both the arts & sciences throughout her educational career, she studied biology to become a physician. Miko had been fascinated with the human form and how bodies interact with their environment. However her creativity and talent at foreseeing the upcoming trends landed a career as creative director & fashion designer, leading, developing and launching a myriad of multi-million dollar fashion labels including Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons L. & the Jessica Simpson Collection.  (see more about Miko’s socially conscious work)

Miko continued to have synchronistic experiences and foretelling dreams throughout her life that eventually led to revealing hidden gifts and talents. She was often confided in professionally & personally for her adept knowledge. Miko experienced divine messaging profoundly; she could see, hear and feel it.

The awakening that shifted her life occurred while caring for her ailing grandmother. Miko began to receive messages from persons who had passed away.  After her grandmother died from terminal cancer, Miko spent the next two years in deep meditation and inner work. In the process she discovered that the mediumship abilities as well as additional intuitive gifts had heightened.  She interpreted this development as “a call to purpose” to continue the work her ancestors did to help people heal.

Miko is an artist, eco-designer & actionist, a student of the metaphysical arts, astrology, biodynamics & energy medicine.

ian sims • Sound intuit, yogi & meditation teacher

who conducts Soundbath Meditations. Through these healing sessions, Ian creates a sonic environment to foster physical restoration, mental balance, and spiritual development. He leads these meditations in both group and private settings.

The sessions involve participants taking a comfortable and restful posture, while Ian uses the instruments of singing bowl, harp, flute, organ, shaker, and voice to bring stillness to both body and mind. The wash of vibration helps unblock energetic obstructions within the body and aids in reducing stress, tension, and pain.

Ian is adept at shaping each Soundbath to fit the nature of the session at hand. In certain sessions, he incorporates electronic looping to build a rich landscape of harmonic vibration. In others, he may only use the minimal yet powerful sound of crystal singing bowls. Expressing the universality of sound with both acoustic and electronic instruments, Ian demonstrates how we can incorporate ancient practices of mindfulness into our modern life.

Ian is a 200-hr Certified Yoga Instructor from the Yogaworks Teacher Training Program, January 2018. Ian studies Kriya Yoga & Tantric Meditation from Alan Finger at ISHTA Yoga, and has attended a 10-day course in Vipassana Meditation at Dhamma Dhara in Shelburne, Massachusetts. He has also completed a Special Program in Ayurvedic Dietetics, Herbs and Massage at the Chakrapani Ayurveda Clinic & Research Institute in Jaipur, India 2014.

He loves to share how the earnest practice of Yoga, Meditation and Music lead not only to physical and mental wellbeing, but also to a deep sense of inner peace. Helping people from all walks of life to experience the profound healing power of harmony and vibration is one of his greatest joys. 

Ian is a lifelong musician and a student of percussion, guitar, piano and voice. In addition to his Soundbath Meditations, he regularly produces and performs his own music under the moniker Run Child Run.

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“I am an energy mechanic using the healing nature of sound for liberation of mind, body and spirit.” - Ian Sims @mechanicsofenergy | @_runchildrun




Born in the jungles of Limon Costa Rica, cbCacao Brew invites the Spirit of Healing. cbCacao is the official ceremonial cacao fruit exclusively used in our sacred cacao meditation experiences.


the secret door

founded by Reiki Practitioner & Life Coach Raina Munson, is a wellness space dedicated to helping you embody the greatest version of yourself through a wide range of personal enrichment services Energy Work, Yoga & Guided Meditation.



launched in 1969 by Harlem Artist Betty Blayton Taylor, as an outreach program of the Museum of Modern Art. the Art Carnival serves children, families and schools throughout New York City for nearly 50 years. Today, the Carnival supports emerging and professional artists and serves as an exhibition and event space to the Harlem Community.