The Symbolism of the Crutch


YAY! I'm up and running!

I've completed my website today! Wooo HOoo!!  Three weeks away from the Opening Reception for my exhibition. I'm excited! But I also feel challenged.

Before the onset of November, I had a plan to dedicate myself to the month in order to prepare for this upcoming exhibition. And at the start of the month, I've literally gotten swept off of my feet which has put me in a place to ask for assistance in every moment, whether through a person or a crutch.  The symbolism of the crutch...whoa... I'm not a person who can easily ask for help, I enjoy my independence and doing things on MY terms, in MY way.  To ask for help feels like a crutch, it feels like I'm weak, that I can not stand firm on my own. And in this moment, I cannot stand on my own. I NEED the crutch. I need the help. Yet, I've been stubborn through this process, trying to do things on my terms, until my body showed me I needed to stop. I needed to be still.

The second visit to doctor confirmed the fracture, in a different place but on the same leg. That was the Physical Part of MIKO saying, "CHILLLLLL B!!, Sit Down!  Spirit is Speaking to you, STOP and Listen."  I've stopped, forced to do it, but I did. And I listened.

UNIVERSE said, "Give up the Ego. I'm going to assist you in every step of this process as you walk into your purpose.  You are unsteady as a toddler catching her first footing as she is learning to walk. This is new ground. A new space. You are a newborn, and with each step I will offer you assistance. Your mind is ancient, it knows, it is eager. But slowly, Pero despacito.  Let go and allow me to hold you by the hand, lead you and help you to heal so that you may be free. Then you can be new--born again and express from a clear and guided channel of inspiration. Transforming. This is your Re*birth." 

And I am reminded of gratitude.