Communicator of Consciousness


It was bright fluorescent green. Its face was illuminated… animated… almost cartoon like. I saw its tongue strike out toward me, in between my eyes. Startled. I hadn't experienced anything like this! And then I heard, “vagus nerve.” I understood what I was experiencing during my meditation, the message was clear, yet I searched for confirmation. I thought of my mom, her compromised vagus nerve almost took her life. I was aware of its connection to the brain and heart but why was it coming up in my psyche at this moment?

As I sat up, I grabbed my phone from my nightstand to search the vagus nerve’s connection to “the gut feeling,” also known as intuition, because I had “an inkling” there was a metaphysical connection to it. It’s apparent that we aren’t here to solely navigate the physical body; but rather to access and recall our purpose through the experience of our other bodies, including but not limited to the soul, psyche and spiritual conscious. There are many layers we experience before the physical; the physical plane is the manifestation, the final stop. We often have a feeling, a premonition, or even a small voice that communicates before we take action. Ever ask what that communication is? How does it know? Where does it come from?

The vagus nerve originates at the medulla oblongata, the bulbous tissue at the base of the brain otherwise known as the “Mouth of God.” It carries nerve impulses (“messages”) to and from the brain to every organ in the body. It’s the communicator of consciousness stemming from the “Mouth of God.”

It was clear that the streaming energy tingling through every cell in my body, orgasmic waves, was the awakening of my GOD conscious. The bright green serpent that had appeared before me was the acknowledgment of my kundalini awakening. The image was palpable. I immediately sketched it into my journal. Soonafter, it made it to canvas.

I felt energized, blessed and open. A clear channel being used to deliver these sacred messages. Every action is moment to moment. 

I’ve found comfort in this relationship, in the quiet solitude, feeling all of the energy flowing through me; connected to Source. The waves continue to sneak up on me and release through my toes, fingertips and head, just because of a breath, the awareness of the breath and of the moment, the serpent serves to remind me. My senses are keen. I’m awake. Illumination.