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This morning I awoke at my Mom’s house. She asked how I was feeling and began to talk to me about visualizing my healing. We spoke about her experience, the steps she took to get through rough patches with her health and how she prevailed. Then she said, “I’m taking you to the hospital, I don’t like this air cast they’ve given you.  I don’t like the pain you're in. You don’t need to suffer like this.” And as mother’s do, she took the lead and I allowed her to care for me. I allowed her to support me and be a mom today. As we sat in the room, seen first by the nurse, then by the physician assistant, we patiently waited for the attending physician.  Mom and I talked about manifestation. As she spoke to me, I closed my eyes, focused on my breath and went into meditation. I meditated on being supported and allowing for it to be present for me in this moment. This was a teachable moment in surrender and control; surrendering to care but controlling the narrative so that I would receive the appropriate support.  I remained still, sitting upright in quiet meditation. I could feel the presence of support surrounding me; I felt the energy of the universe covering me, and then the attending physician entered the room.  After explaining to the doctor, he clearly understood my challenge and fitted me for a soft cast for my fractured ankle and a brace for my knee. It was just the support I needed.  And I realized, I needed to let go and allow to receive.