Utilizing this retrograde moment to engage in study, deep reflection and release. It's an opportunity to download and process the stream of consciousness and refocus my energy. 

As we know, energy desires to be transformed and released. But what about intention and focus? What happens when we are unfocused? Or when our intention is unhealthy? Does energy continue to move forward to be transformed and inspire creation?

The answer to this is yes.  Energy does not discriminate. It's sole purpose is kinetic release. It must occupy a space and a focus where it will be transformed.  Creation is inevitable. Unfocused energy will still create but from a lower energy field. And it's fruits will feed the lower consciousness.


For instance, take a look at your favorite hero adventure movie from Marvel or DC Comics. The scenario is most often a path determined by choice. The choice of how two individuals respond to and focus on a life changing circumstance.

The villain is formed by the choice to use personal pain & anger to fuel lower energy consciousness rather than transform the inner gifts to their highest purpose. The villain uses the gifts of creation in "the negative" because the intention is set at a lower frequency. Examples of lower energy consciousness activated in today's environment include racism, sexism, separatism & any form of extremism. These are energies propelled by circumstance that produced fear, pain & anger.

The hero is also met with a similar challenge. But conversely chooses to refocus his/her energy on a higher purpose or moral good. The hero uses the adversity to magnify the inner gifts with acts of selflessness in order to help humanity.

The energy channeled by the villain, forces the hero to face the adversity head on. When the two energetic forces come into contact a great transformation takes place in both the villain and the hero. The villain is faced with his wound and the hero is faced with personal strength. The collision of the two forces actually propels both into healing and purpose.

The hero's path is an awesome opportunity to give us a window of what we can do when we are challenged. It shows us that the strength of the villains energy when focused can be just as strong as the heroes. And adversity can lead to healing. All energy has the desire to elevate and evolve. The lesson is we must make a conscious choice to focus our intention to higher consciousness, or else adversity will energetically force us into it.