Dream Totems


Last night I had an interesting dream. I dreamt of a furry baby rat. I was holding it and nurturing it and then it transformed into a kitten. I understood about the baby kitten because one of my teachers revealed my snow leopard to me nearly 3 years ago. But I was perplexed by the image of the baby rat.  As a native New Yorker, the first image of a rat is, “uhhhh!!!!...Yuck!!! What the hell, why a rat?” But that’s not what I felt in my dream state. And today I have understanding that all Matter matters. Every creature has a spiritual purpose, path and teaching. So I researched the meaning behind the spirit totem of the rat. The rat represents the following attributes Success, Sharing, Helpful, Ambition, Kindness, Creativity, Expansion, Preparation, Intelligence, Shrewdness, Opportunistic, and Resourcefulness. Rats are nurturers and as a totem they remind us to strive for excellence, to discern, use ingenuity to problem solve, develop instincts and foresight.  It also reminds us to be resourceful and prepared for challenges; to use intuition and balance similarly to the snow leopard. The Rat Power energy says that one small gesture can have a large impact on the whole.

My interpretation of the dream is that I am being exposed and introduced into a new realm in my life. One where I need to have great care in nurturing this sacred space and remain focus as I step into this new territory. Rely on meditation and prayer to find balance while tapping into all of my innate resources to propel forward.  What a beautiful message after such an eventful Sunday.

I share this because when we shut down all of the items that distract us, as simply as shutting off our phones or putting it in airplane mode before bed, you can flow deeply into your sleep and connect with your dream state. We have powerful messages in this state. I’ve found by recording my dreams, by journaling them, I can discover the depths of my subconscious mind.