Confessions of Shaman in the City


It was a mystical & magical day.

On Friday, August 16th we facilitated our Experiential Soundbath, The Gate & introduced my family’s cbCacao brew to celebrate the August Full Moon. The Moon was in Aquarius & I could feel the presence of Oya, guide me through the ceremonial prep until its conclusion. The energy we invoked during The Gate was so powerful & grounded in love.

Ritually, I’ve honored the 4 elements Earth, Wind, Water & Fire through the curated tools placed on the ceremonial mantle in each of our gatherings. However, during this particular prep I noticed a pattern, the element of Fire was consistently omitted. 

Packing up my ritual tools before journeying to Helen’s Williamsburg space, I made a decision to lessen my load, so I omitted bringing the chakra candles that represent the vibration we are collectively working to heal, instead I decided to increase the number of tea candles. 

In preparation of the cbCacao Brew recipe I intended on adding Cayenne, to bring an internal fire to the heart space.

Upon heating the brew I realized the cayenne had been missed. I accepted the brew was as it should be and allowed it to simmer. I walked up the penthouse stairs onto the rooftop where Ian was setting up the sound. We were in the air. The energy felt right there. It felt like it was exactly where we needed to be, above ground and out of the city. I felt my breath. 

As I began to set up the mantle, Ian & I integrated each part of the space that seemed out of place as necessary for the experience.  I noticed my PERSPECTIVE about what I felt I needed or missed began to SHIFT. 

Everything was as it should be.

The Mantle was much simpler. I placed the selenite plates with a cacao pyramid atop on either side of the burning temple incense. As I began to set up the tea candles, Oya gently blew them out letting me know once again that we didn’t need the element of Fire in this air space, only smoke. My instruction was to keep the smoke ruminating as she engaged with it & expanded its presence throughout the ceremony.  A signal that Air was the element that would be amplified.

As the brew simmered, we served each  guest a cup & invited them to began making their way onto the rooftop where the ceremony would take place. It took them a moment to settle in. I reminded them that they would need space to stretch out after ingesting cacao. 


There was an unsteadiness. I gently explained the purpose of the plant medicine and it’s affects. I heard the instruction to reignite the space, I complied by relighting the incense & settling the vibration while the group finished their brew. 


At the start of the ceremony, I began to invoke as I always do. But this time, I felt a wonderful breeze kiss my cheek at each moment. Firstly as I gave thanks to the Divine Omnipotent Spirit & again when I called in the Ancestors & Spirit Guides. 

Ego was surrendered & the acknowledgement of Ian & i being used as vessels was amplified. Invocation of intention was set and invitation to be vulnerable in the journey presented to all. 

There was a reminder to breathe. 

At each moment I gave space to take moments to restore & engage with myself. To breathe - to pause - to listen. 

Patiently awaiting direction from Spirit “who’s energy was calling?”  I heard “Go to Simon, go to Mia, go to Helen.” And at each connection Ian’s spirit responded with a harmonic resonance uniquely for the individual’s journey. 

I was witnessing Divine working through me and heard It through Ian. I screamed YESSSS inside at the presence of the Ancestors. They were gifting visions to each one of us. Ian channeled ancient tones and imparted ancestral wisdom through sound. We were remembering & reconnecting. We were healing.

Breathe - Pause - Listen. 

As we closed the ceremony and came back into ourselves we invited everyone to share or ask questions. I could see the experience had been sensational for them. So we started with hugs. 

Breathe - Pause - Listen. 

Slowly the group began to open up. One participant came into awareness of the work being done on her throat chakra. Her share initiated a collective primal scream. It was invigorating and opened us all up more. 

Another moment to listen & respond to the breath. Breathe - Pause - Listen. 

The group began to express. 

When one person shared, what they felt and saw, during The Gate another would echo “I saw that too!” - “I heard that too!” And the community engaged, recognizing their soul connection and shared experience. I was grateful to witness the safeness they felt, I could see they didn’t feel alone, fellowship was building. 

It was beautiful to watch!

I invited them to ask what spirit showed when conducting individual energetic healing for them. Although very personal to the individual, the group felt safe for the revelations to be shared amongst each other. 

I can’t began to express the amount of gratitude I personally felt to bare witness and to be conduit for their healing. I recognize that the work is reciprocal. And for that I am grateful for every individual soul that shows up and says yes to participate in the journey. Their healing is my healing. We are a soul family. We are one.  

The Aquarius vibration of this Leo Full Moon was a reminder to be like the wind. 

To Breathe To Pause To Listen. 

To embrace the dramatic shifts and changes occurring. To let go of ideals, expectations & the ego and allow the OMNIPOTENT FREQUENCY of unconditional LOVE.