I’m supposed to be packing right now but I’m so disturbed and traumatized by what happened today in our country. What happened today to 17 children. Tonight as I began to sort through my clothes I decided to put on some feel good music. That’s something we do to lift the mood to get in a rhythm and change the atmosphere, right?  Anyways I decided to play one of my feel good artists, Kaytranada. Particularly his song with Little Dragon another fav of mine. Nonetheless, I never realized the lyrics of this particular song until tonight. It’s truly amazing how connected we are to the universe and each other. 

The lyrics that struck me: 

”Sun don’t shine

And we all know why
Bullets keep flying
So many shooting
In the darkest times
Through the darkest night
What you want what you want
Sun don’t shine
And we all know why
Bullets keep flying
So many crying
In the darkest night
Through the darkest times
What you want what you want

I can feel it in the air it just grew thin
Then the numbers they be counting coming in
Do you believe in world peace my friend

Do you”

its completely ironic that at this moment, this cessation in time, these lyrics resonated so appropriately. Sometimes we just move, not realizing how encoded, entangled and connected we are to each other. In my effort to try to change the energy of the space, the song delivered the message irregardless of my efforts. The Time is upon us. We cannot simply sit by and watch, children are being slaughtered in the schools, all of our sanctuaries, safe spaces have been disrupted in some way shape or form. It’s a bigger conversation and a bigger moment happening, many of us are still looking for answers. It’s not enough to post a prayer and go on about our lives but rather be present. Be active. Take action. We need to be held responsible as a community.