While working on my paintings I’ve noticed my fascination with human form is often my focus.  The work becomes a reflection of the meta-form, movement and interaction in the meta-space. The silhouettes are physical but the conversation is almost always in. A journey through the spaces between the cells, climbing the bio-molecular ladder of the DNA, swimming in the channels of the cerebral spinal fluid, floating in the raft of consciousness, opening the heart chambers and exposing the cells while discovering the electromagnetic activity from it. Its not intentional, yet I know my spirit decides this investigation, it wants to go deep.

I feel like I’m in a classroom and training for something.  Sometimes it’s like a labyrinth, taking me up, down and around, twisting and turning in the elevation of conscious and in the, at times, frustration of the physical. Although I’m not privy to the destination, I’m confident that I am being led by purpose.