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com·mun·ion: [kəˈmyo͞onyən]

noun. The sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on mental or spiritual level.

This late night entry is a result of a very full day.  I don’t have much to communicate tonight; I’ve poured a lot out and received more. I need to download, that’s what I call my meditation, downloading. I will process all that has been received and decode it. What I can say is that a lovely exchange of trust, openness and artistic expression was an incredible exercise in preparedness for the exhibition performance. O’Neal & El, the two featured performers of my upcoming exhibition were focused and intentional in the delivery of their message and touched me dearly. These two beautiful souls are so very present and authentic in sharing their ideas of honoring the sacredness of the moment. What I have discovered tonight is creativity is truly a gift to be shared, honored, offered and served.  It's an offering to heal the messenger and the recipients. Each one of us has this complete understanding.

painting by BeverlyAshGilbert