My apologies on the delayed journal entry; I began this post last night at 1 am and had fallen asleep. I will refrain from sharing this to instagram because it’s not as up to date with regards to the countdown days, yet I will allude to it in my second post today. On that note here we go!

I didn’t paint or sketch today, but rather connected with family.  My number one returned from home from college last night for the holiday break.  I haven’t seen him in months. I can see his growth, his focus and fearlessness.  Feels good to be reunited with him.

Mom came by as well to see her grandson and deliver the balance of my paintings to me; I haven’t seen them in nearly a year. The work has been living up and down the east coast in different places, and not as a group. Reconnecting with them is eerie. I can see that they need some attention, some restoration. There’s more work for me to do in preparation for the exhibition. Recently I have been spending my time creating new pieces of work. My process now is a lot longer than I’m used to. I would have completed several paintings by now but this large floor size one requires laser focus. I’ve been experimenting with new techniques to create levels of dimension. I love to do that, experiment with the unpredictable. It allows for alchemy and innovation in my work. I’m sure I’m breaking all sorts of rules with regards to form, structure and execution as trained artists. But that’s what I value in this process, ignorance of the rules, standards and requirements. I can be selfish and selfless simultaneously without abandon. Liberation. And it’s dynamic to see all of the work together, reunited in its story.