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My mom has always stressed to me the importance of repetition.  I can hear her say, “That’s how you get it!” meaning that’s how a message resonates and manifests. This is her spiritual practice. I’ve seen it work miracles in her life.  She starts with visualization. Seeing the goal, whether it’s related to health, family or even a destination she will personify the image of the outcome in her psyche. Next she will meditate on it, express it to individuals involved in the outcome and believe in it with all of her being. Then she will release it to Universe and practice patience.  Then physical manifestation is born.

She’s a Magician.

The healing gift of Womb Women is to create within the womb and manifest in the physical. We can all learn from this feminine energy, because every human has this ability to manifest, born man or woman. But the practice, the teaching comes from Woman. And if the steps to manifestation can be summed up from one of my greatest teachers, my mother, and defined as repetition, there’s no hesitation from me because I’ve seen the results in her life. Her mantra is echoed in the execution of the threading technique used within my paintings. It is an exercise in patience, practice, focused attention and alignment  repetitiously.

Original Art Pictured "Love Lettter" by Miko Underwood